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Wagner’s Martial Arts

wmalogo_web_newWagner’s Martial Arts

Styles We Teach

Modern KajuKenpo Karate is a martial art using kicks, punches, elbows and knees that is designed for realistic street defense. Kenpo is a modern term describing one of the more innovative systems of the martial arts which originally started in Hawaii, is heavily practiced in the Americas…

Our Master Instructor

Deane Wagner has been in martial arts since 1980. He competed and was nationally ranked in point and full contact tournaments and holds black belts in many different styles including Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Hwa Rang, Kenpo, Modern KajuKenpo, Aikido and Budokan Jujitsu..

Calendar of Events

See our Class Schedule along with special events coming up. WMA Academy has many guest instructors and gurus in from all across the United States teaching different styles of martial arts..

Contact Us

If you need directions, or are interested in more information about becoming a student, fill out our contact form, send us an email, or give us a call. Feel free to stop by to visit us during one of our classes as well. We would love to discuss your future in martial arts with you.

Training Today’s Champions for Tomorrow’s Future

Wagner’s Martial Arts Academy (WMAA) is a family-friendly martial arts academy. We provide a relaxed and positive atmosphere in which to receive quality martial arts instruction. A common testimony we hear from our students and even the family members of our students is “we not only are learning self-defense but we now have a place where we belong and feel like family.” The styles we teach here at WMAA are reality-based systems of self-defense and combat. You’ll find on this website serveral different styles, take some time to look them over, we literally have something for everyone!

7th Degree Black Belt News

We here at Wagner’s Martial Arts Academy would like to give a huge congratulations to our Head Instructor Deane Wagner for achieving his 7th Degree Black Belt in Modern Kajukenpo! Deane has trained very hard at perfecting his technique to make Kajukenpo an extremely effective reality-based combat style. We would also like thank everyone on the Black Belt panel for testing Deane. Keep training and stay tuned for more exciting events!!!  The Marietta Times wrote an article about Deane’s accomplishment.  You can read it here:–Martial-artist-earns-seventh-degree-black-belt.html

Letter of Commendation

This training is not for everyone. If you enjoy being a victim, this is not for you. However, if you are an honest citizen in need of the skills necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones from evil, this training is for you. If your profession is to protect good people from those who would do them harm, this is the advanced training you need to succeed where others would fail. I find this a fine balance of the skills necessary not just to survive, but to win!

I was introduced to Deane Wagner in 1995 by a mutual friend while seeking a serious training partner. Deane was a great fighter then, and the years of training since have distilled him into a more efficient “Artist” than I could have imagined. I’ve studied numerous martial arts since 1986, and I find Deane’s system one of the most relevant to the real world I’ve encountered. When the only acceptable outcome to a violent attack is for you to win, you need a professional “Warrior” with the heart of a teacher. I can recommend Deane as an Instructor without hesitation.

Sgt. Larry D. Kearns
Deputy Sheriff/ SWAT

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Get cheap dedicated server

Companies face different problems with the shared servers and this may even affect the overall growth of the company. These crucial situations could be avoided with the virtual dedicated servers in which the servers are concentrated only for particular business alone. With the latest technology, these servers have greater demand for Forex trading industry for achieving success throughout the processes. Sometimes it become difficult to find out the best performing Forex dedicated servers for outstanding services and care has to be given while selecting the firm for getting the dedicated servers.

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Conservatory blinds for energy saving services

People are using various products to beautify the homes and keep it safe from external attacks. It is possible that dust and heat entry to the house can increase or decrease the overall climate inside the room in a great way. The energy usage will be high in case you are not able to control the temperature inside the house in the way you need. The use of window blinds capable of offering the desired environment inside the rooms is called as conservatory blinds or conservatories. Among the firms offering the best quality conservatories in UK, the Duette firm is the best and reliable firm.

The Duette firm will help you in purchasing conservatories quickly through their website. The duette website is a great help for people to get information about the products and also avail help from the experts whenever they require. The heat from the sun will be kept away from reaching the inside of the rooms with the help of the products. You can request a brochure that contains information about all the products available from duette easily through the website. The conservatory blinds can help you in saving up to 25% energy usage. The savings calculator available at the website can help you calculate the energy savings.

USDA loans are available to home buyers with below average mortgage rates.

Primary Residential Mortgage (PRMI) is insured by the government and comprise of the team of the private lenders who offer these loans. This allows borrowers to either save money or afford more homes. If a person does not have this they do have  alternative trade lines options to be dependent on to pay towards the borrowers closings costs up to 6 % of the sales price the seller is being allowed.   Alternative trade lines they are the basic things any one pays off monthly and include the utility bills and cell phone bills because.   And hence we need to go balancing them, and both matters the same cost.

PRMI is a lender who can provide usda loans where you can make your dreams come true.  By the Borrowers on their credit At least 3 trade lines must be reported with at least a 12 month history.  At the time of difficulties “loans”, are the most needed help. Loans are like a process or method of lending money may be for interest taken upon a guarantee kept.  There are many types of loans you may get, like vehicle loan, educational loan, housing loan, accidental injury loan, etc. and due to wide demands there are many sources which can provide you loans, the most specialized one among the many sources in providing USDA Loans is PRMI from where you can get these USDA loans and make your dreams come true.

Closing costs on any loan can vary for many reasons  and hence although there are many resources which can provide you with the home loans, the USDA Loan is no different in working principles here the upfront fee is added up into the loan itself. This allows borrowers to either save money or afford more homes.  If you fall in the category of first time home buyers then the USDA Rural Development Loan is a great loan type.  Compared to the other loan types USDA Home Loans are usually a cheaper loan because of the low monthly mortgage Insurance.  Included in the USDA Home Loan upfront guarantee fee and an annual fee are the 2 major fees.  They understand the needs and demands very well because they live and work in the same communities where they do business and hence, and it has become their specialty.

Add up likes on Instagram

A bot is an application that works automatically and performs automated tasks. Bot is being widely and commonly used in many ways and for many means. Your activities on Instagram can be automated in order to get more likes and comments using Instagram bot.

Instagram like bot is becoming popular among the Instagram users these days. Social media users get encouraged and feel happy when they get more likes and followers for their posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. The bot helps the users to get more likes and followers on Instagram.

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As the number of mobile users is increasing day by day, different varieties of mobile games were developed by various electronic companies. Due to the high entertainment value, mobile strategy games are gaining more popularity these days throughout the world. The Clash Royale is considered as the most popular mobile strategy game available. The Supercell is an electronic company who has developed and published the Clash Royale game. It is necessary to have enough game coins and gems to purchase in game materials and improve your weapons and skills. By the introduction of the clash royale cheats  , it will not take hours to generate the Clash Royale gems and coins.


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The best products for a safe air travel

Air travel is the fastest means of transport that can help a person cover long distance quickly. There are lots of people traveling through air planes daily these days. Long distance travel can be boring for many. It is better for people to sleep a bit or take a nap if they are bound to spend more time in the air plane. It is said that sleeping while traveling is a healthy practice. However, the sleep should be uninterrupted and a comfortable one. There are lots of people complaining of the inability to sleep better in their air travel die to the not so comfortable conditions. There may be light, sound and position of the headrest causing trouble for the sleep for many.


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MUT Coin King: The most popular MUT coins provider across the world

Although there are many providers available online who are just waiting to confuse you by their false promises and I assure you that they don’t really give you what they actually promise.  Therefore you need to watch out and get what you actually deserve.  MUT Coin King is the best place to get Madden Ultimate Team Coins delivered to you fast, and at cheap price. They have become so much popular with their outstanding services among all of their clients and customers that they don’t feel the need of advertisement any more.  Your money is 100 percent % safe with them, as they are guaranteed for their services.  Fastest delivery is what they are popularly known for. They don’t entertain any other business transaction method except PayPal because it’s the safest way of you paying and them receiving your money.

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